Having developed a learning design that incorporated wikis it was then necessary to find a way of embedding this within the existing Moodle system. Discussions with ANU IT suggested that this facility already existed. A single wiki page was created in the “Tutorial” section of the ARCH 2006 site. This provided a forum for students to upload information generated throughout the course (cf. Wiki page ), however, it became clear that a single Wiki would not provide the facilities to reflect course structure (meaning that important themes were likely to be lost).

For this reason a wiki was generated for each week of the course.  This meant students could engage with key concepts raised during each tutorial (Wiki level2). It also allowed the lecturer to upload questions that could be discussed and a folder in which students could a) upload their own posters or other materials that they felt were connected with this part of the course and b) engage in critical discussions prior to and after the tutorial was completed (Wiki level3). This provided a level of structure to the discussion that would otherwise not be possible, while also meaning that information uploaded during and after each tutorial would often relate to the lectures taking place in the same week.

The next level of data within the Wiki included suggested readings for each of the proposed questions and a repository for uploading materials (Wiki level4). Initially it was not possible to upload PDF and PPT files, however this was due to the permission settings (which were then updated).

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