Following Smith (2008: 517): “quality assurance in teaching and learning requires not just the collection of data but also a system that ensures interpretation of, and response to, those data”. Smith (2008: 527; see also Young and Shaw 1999) provides a useful evaluation model (“Four Quadrant”/ 4Q), the guiding principle being use of multiple sources of evidence to demonstrate effectiveness. Quadrants include (1) “self-reflection”; (2) “peer-review”; (3) “student learning” and (4) “student experience” (Smith 2008: 527).  To evaluate the success (or otherwise) of my innovation, I will use SETS results, focused mini-questionnaire (Questionnaire) and will add peer and self-review. Comparing student grades with wiki productivity is considered problematic as students are required to identify themselves in the questionnaire, potentially influencing their responses. This method will not be used. Improvements will occur after a review of qualitative data.

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